Auger Powerhead / Tow Hitch / Ripper

The 2 Series Power Head is ideal for digging post holes with hole diameters ranging from 6-18”. With a maximum RPM of 88, it can dig up to 3.2ft deep. If additional depth is required, an auger extension can be used. The 2 Series Power Head comes complete with a single tyne Ripper, ideal for breaking up hard rocky ground for garden beds, or to allow excavation with a 4in1 bucket. It also comes standard with a tow hitch, ideal for moving trailers, and boat trailers in the most confined parking lots, back yards, or driveways. The Tow Hitch allows a ‘zero’ turning radius for most trailers.

  • Variable speed
  • Forward / reverse
  • Ripper tyne
  • Tow hitch
Forward / Reverse

Fingertip Controls

Torque (ft lbs.)

544 @ 88rpm

Maximum Flow (gpm)

5.8 @ 2700psi

Weight (lbs)


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