Kanga Auger Bits for Mini Loaders


Kanga Loaders A4 range of auger bits for mini loaders come in Earth, Tungsten Carbide, or Multi-faceted Tungsten tooth configurations. A flat tooth Auger with chisel ripping teeth on the inner pockets can be ideal for general earth & clay drilling, while an Auger fitted with Multi-faceted Tungsten teeth can be used for granulated and soft fracturable rock conditions. The flight pitch is shallow for greater soil retention, and its heavy-duty body allows for greater reliability in tougher conditions. Ideal for general earth, clay, granulated, and soft rock drilling, fencing, post holes, tree planting, house and signpost foundations.

  • Available in Earth, Tungsten Carbide, and Multi-faceted Tungsten
  • Shallow flight pitch for more soil retention
  • Heavy duty body construction

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