RR-PU-200 Front Rack 1500-3500 Pickup


The Ramp Rack w/ Front Rack pictured here is available for 1500-3500 style pickups even 2007 or newer Toyota Tundras!

This model features a front rack with a removable shelf that can be used to place a push mower or other equipment on. The shelf sits 18” above the bed rails and is 24” x 64”.

The weight of the whole system is 500lbs and the ramp & dovetail has a loading capacity of 2,000lbs.

The ramp is 6 feet in length while the dovetail is 3 feet in length and 66” outside to outside. The ramp is also lockable to prevent theft or unauthorized use.

This unit has bed rails as part of the system that accessories can be mounted on and are adjustable to fit a short or long bed pickup truck. Some accessories are the modified trimmer rack bracket, the two & three position trimmer rack, the 5 gal fuel cage, the sprayer cage, and the blower rack cage. All rail accessories are lockable to prevent theft or unauthorized use.

This model can also be upgraded with the Quick Disconnect (QD-100) accessory for $365 which allows the user to extend a custom mounted jack then place the ramp in a locked configuration so that the user can unhook the ramp rack then just pull away. This will allow the user to have the option to run with or without the ramp rack when needed.

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