RR-QD-200 Quick Disconnect for Specialty Truck Unit


With this feature one person can disconnect the dovetail portion of the unit in less than 3 minutes. Includes custom jack and all required hardware and accessories. Used for ST-100 ONLY.

The quick disconnect feature is one of those truck accessories that quickly pays for itself by saving time and allowing a single person to disconnect the Ramp Rack from the pick-up truck.

This Quick Disconnect includes an adjustable jack and crank handle to support the rack when one person needs to remove it.

To remove the Ramp Rack, open the ramp, lock it in place, and then disconnect the ramp from the truck. Next, extend the adjustable jack by cranking the quick disconnect handle until it supports the ramp’s weight. Then, remove the linchpin and drive the truck forward.

The Ramp Rack fits flatbeds and most pickup truck beds.

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