RR-ST-100 Specialty Truck Unit


This unit is made for Specialty Trucks including but not limited to flatbeds, dump trucks and box trucks. The dovetail and ramp are 80″ wide and have a weight capacity of 2500lbs. The ramp is 6ft with a 2ft extension while the dovetail extends 3ft for more bed capacity and ease of loading. Sides are not included but can be purchased separately as an option. A Quick Disconnect option is available for this unit (QD-200) for $465

Additional truck accessories that work with the ST-100 Specialty Truck Unit include optional side rails and a quick disconnect (QD-200) assembly. The Quick Disconnect assembly allows the user to extend a custom mounted jack then place the ramp in a locked configuration so that the user can unhook the ramp rack then just pull away. This will allow the user to have the option to run with or without the ramp rack when needed.

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