Excavator Side Mount Models

Applicable for the full range of excavators. Easy maintenance. Has lower installation point so breaker can lift higher. Primarily for post and pile driver applications and other specialized uses.

All Models Include

2 Working Tools
Adequate Length
Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings
Hose Set and
Gas Charging Kit
Repair Toolbox
Owner’s Manual
Parts Breakdown

Features & Advantages


  • Longer chisel point and larger through-bolt to improve durability
  • Minimized welding on bracket fabrication process to strengthen durability


  • Applied two-step stroke and idle blow preventing structure system
  • Stronger impact power
  • Low-noise


  • Prevention of chisel stop pin loosening
  • No oil loss when changing the control valve
  • Lower vibration and tighter fastening between power cell and bracket
  • Models UT1000 and above include auto-greasing system

Convenience of Use

  • Operator-friendly design
  • Simple assembly and disassembly
  • Control valve can be replaced on-site with ease and speed
  • Easy maintenance (time and cost saving)
  • Longer lifetime of parts
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